Get the White Paper: Military Requirements for RF Channel Emulation

Dualos and Spirent Support Military Requirements for RF Channel Emulation with the Latest White Paper

Get the RF Channel Emulation White Paper

Today’s connected battlefield requires a new level of testing that depends on close collaboration between government defense agencies and private enterprises to ensure signals make it from Point A to Point B, successfully and securely. 

Whether you are designing battlefield radio hardware or software, building a military IoT device with an RF module, buying or evaluating devices, or developing network applications that use radios, you are probably grappling with the real-world challenges surrounding testing and simulation. 

Enter Spirent Communications. Long considered the foremost experts on the technical challenges that military radio system designers, integrators and buyers face, our partners at Spirent have developed a state-of-the-art tool for RF channel emulation. Known as the Vertex, it models real-world signal impairments and worst-case scenarios for fast and accurate testing, allowing users to bring new RF systems online quickly and at a lower cost than previously imaginable.

With Vertex, you can minimize your test challenges regarding wireless communications, electronic warfare, satellite communications, software defined radio, signal intelligence and mil/aero connected battlefield.

  • Vertex grows from 4 to 36 RF ports in a single chassis and is expandable to 144 ports in a multi-unit configuration
  • Its flexibility and density support a myriad of test configurations for SISO and MIMO, massive MIMO and beamforming, mesh networks, advanced MIMO OTA, and carrier aggregation
  • It supports up to 256 digital radio paths in a single instrument, has a native frequency range from 30 MHz to 5925 MHz (and up to 39 GHz via Vertex HFC), supports signal bandwidth to 200MHz (combinable channels for >1 GHz), and can replicate supersonic Doppler speeds
  • Vertex supports the Advanced Channel Model (ACM) software module which offers a user-friendly GUI that simplifies the design of the 3D propagation scenarios
  • The ACM software supports custom models and motion paths, as well as the latest 3GPP standards for LTE and 5G applications

If test and simulation challenges are inhibiting the launch of your RF system, then the latest white paper from Spirent and Dualos will be of interest to you. It provides a brief overview of RF channel emulation—a powerful and cost-effective means for testing military radio systems—and introduces Spirent’s Vertex Channel Emulator. 

Meeting the January 2020 Windows 10 Compliance Upgrade Deadline

Dualos is Here to Help You Make the Windows 10 Compliance Upgrade January 2020 Deadline

Windows cybersecurity and support issues affect military/aerospace avionics significantly and compliance is necessary to do business with, and continue doing business with the federal government. If your organization is not on track to meet the 2020 changeover deadline, now is the time to take action.  

If you’re part of the team responsible for system usage, these tasks fall on your shoulders—not on IT. But where should you start? With hardware? With software? How will you keep track of your unique system changeover needs? Remember, it’s not just your desktop PCs and servers that are in danger of next year’s compliance issues—it’s also you aircraft, shipboard, vehicle, and related test and development PCs, laptops and computers too. 

Take some guidance on where and how to start organizing your upgrade from the General Manager of the Avionics Business Unit here at Dualos, Bill Schuh. First, he recommends to list what the old system supports by asking questions like:

  • What does the system do? 
  • How is it used? 
  • Does the system still do the job and do you still need it?  
  • What software and peripherals are important? 
  • What would happen if you just turned it off and walked away?

Second, he advises customers to consider and note the following for your records:

  • Which version of Microsoft Windows is on the PC?
  • Standard Office needs (if any)—the specific applications.
  • All commercial applications, including development studios, control software, add-ons, etc.
  • Look closely for custom applications, custom add-ons.  
  • Special hardware or middle-ware drivers.  
  • Mods, macros, start-up routines or even remote booting 
  • Command line or special start-up icons
  • Back-up or mirroring connections/applications
  • Any database needs—SQL, etc.
  • Configuration files or keys
  • Bookmarks, secure logins, etc.

Finally, he recommends you do a system check and list the processor, graphics functions, local RAM and local storage.

If this all seems overwhelming, never fear. Bill and the application solutions experts at Dualos are happy to assist you during this stressful time. They’ve compiled a customizable checklist, delivered in a handy Word document to help you track the many moving parts so you can ensure continuity in operations and performance, while meeting compliance requirements with a system backed by modern cybersecurity. 

Get the Windows 10 Compliance Checklist

President Nancy Papineau, and Sales and Operations Director Cheryl Cavanagh recently traveled to Wisconsin to attend the 41st Annual Conference of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), where they led a group of 200+ volunteers! 

As a Native American owned small business, Dualos promotes a culture of inclusivity, giving back and supporting those in need. To this end, all employees are encouraged to contribute to non-profit organizations and/or events of personal significance throughout the year. 

This three day event attracts AISES members from across the continental United States, as well as Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. This year, 1,650 American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawiian, Pacific Islander, First Nation high school and college students made the journey to the highly anticipated event to further their personal and professional development.  

With a mission to increase the representation of American Indians and other indigenous groups in STEM careers – science, technology, engineering and math – the AISES hosts the annual conference in order to give students one-on-one networking opportunities with representatives from universities, national organizations and major corporations within STEM industries. 

“We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the annual conference and left feeling completely energized—even after 12+hour days of volunteering!” stated Nancy. “The AISES hits home with us at Dualos because we strive to grow inclusivity throughout STEM industries in order to elevate our community and expand the quality and innovation in these fields—and this event does just that! It’s simply not like other conferences we attend in a professional capacity, where people don’t even stay until the end of the event, and are only there to sell. This event truly IS about preparing these students for the realities of careers in STEM fields and we are honored to have the chance to contribute.” 

Over 250 exhibitors participated in this year’s conference, sharing resources, training and tips on vital topics such as, how to best prepare your resume, what interview skills to practice, and even how to apply for more specific career pathways, like working at a government agency. 

Universities from across the country also exhibited to promote their AISES chapter, introduce STEM specific areas of study, and even how to pay for post-graduate education. 

“Success for attendees of this conference can change the trajectory of their life,” stated Cheryl. “We saw many students taking full advantage of networking opportunities, leaving more prepared for the professional world, more knowledgeable of the steps to take to get the job they want, and some even with job prospects and/or follow up interviews!” 

The 2019 Annual Conference was a major success and we can’t wait for the 2020 Annual Conference which will be held in Spokane, WA!