CyberFlood C200 Hardware

CyberFlood Virtual

Cyber Defense

CyberFlood C200 – highest performance appliance for AppSec assessment over 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G.

Emulation – not Simulation
Unlike solutions that use “fake” traffic and attacks, CyberFlood uses authentic payloads in real time, so you see how effective your security operations actually are. And it keeps pace with the latest applications and user traffic, automatically, to give you an accurate assessment of your network solutions.

  • Comprehensive Layer 4-7 Cyber Defense
  • 1U Appliance

Virtual – consolidates multiple test functions into a completely virtual test environment.

CyberFlood Virtual can be installed on specific cloud infrastructures, such as AWS, Azure, and
Google Cloud (GCP) to validate and verify performance of default and/or third-party cloud-based traffic inspection solutions.

  • NetSecOPEN Built-in Tests

CyberFlood Advanced Security Testing – optional software module to test the efficacy and performance of modern security devices.

Rest APIs for E2E System Integration
Network Core -> Cyber Defense

Rest APIs for Interoperability
Nodal and Adjacent testing

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