Serial & Discrete Interfaces

The P-DIS and the P-SER at two powerful simulation and test interfaces. Both products provide the users with highly programmable and customizable features sets, including bit patterns and communication word size definition. Each interface has precise clocks for timestamping, transmission schedules and bit synchronization. They can be used to create simulated bit patterns and custom data bus communications for new simulations or for trouble-shooting of older technology. The P-DIS and the P-SER interfaces can synchronize to external time sources like IRIG-B and PPS. Each interface is available on PCI, cPCI and PCI Express backplane carriers and are distributed with an API library and source code, compatible with Windows, Linux and real-time operating systems.

The P-DIS interface supports 40 bidirectional avionics discretes plus Quickswitch and PECL input and output at high rates. This interface incorporates feature sets typical of a high-speed data acquisition board while reducing host throughput and response requirements, such as 50 MHz sampling of digital ports, storage of input data only occurs when a change is detected, high resolution timestamping of inputs and precise timing control of outputs, thereby capturing and generating high speed signals.

P-SER I/O interface provides real-time serial input and output with high time-precision reception/input time-stamping, scheduled transmission/output, event triggering and interrupt support. The P-SER comes with 12 high speed selectable serial channels of RS485/422/232, plus IRIG-B and 8 differential discretes. Configurations are available which support "balanced" differential transmit capability such as common with MIL-STD-188-114A balanced type I operations.

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40 bi-directional discretes

12-channel RS-485/422/232