Bringing a software mindset to validation

Simnovus is a dynamic 5G software company that is reimagining validation.

Its three guiding principles are to enable innovative disruptors in 5G; deliver the highest value through software; and deliver outcomes—not just great products.

Dualos is the ​​U.S.-based federal partner, providing testing solutions leveraging Simnovus’ UE Simulator, which offers an innovative approach to 5G RAN simulation and validation.

The UE Simulator has the capability to validate various application traffic, real life traffic simulations (5G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M and LTE) and interoperability with other nodes.

The UE Simulator

Superior value

Simnovus software runs on COTS and SDR, enabling you to deploy multiple test beds without having to spend millions on CapEx. COTS is Intel X86, Gen3 PCIe. The platform supports broad frequency ranges and can support 4x4 MIMO.


Scripts are auto-generated with a powerful and flexible Web-based UI, allowing for CI/CD and eliminating the need to write your own scripts. UE Simulator ships with a set of pre-packaged automation libraries ready for integration.

Predictable budgeting

Pricing is subscription-based, with new software—including 3GPP updates—delivered at no cost to be consistent and up-to-date across all your test beds, with no gaps in features.

Faster troubleshooting

UE Simulator makes it easy to isolate the data needed to debug faster. Get extensive statistics and correlation across protocol layers, and dynamic log levels that are automatically adjusted based on user-defined triggers. Or filter data—like IQ samples—and export them to be analyzed with third party tools.

Real world emulation at scale

Setup multiple traffic profiles, various radio models, mobility paths, and velocities to create a real-world scenario for RAN validation. Create various subscriber groups with handover and fading models. And scale to hundreds of UEs. All with the same software.

Features Include

  • Runs on COTS. Simulates up to 1000 UEs on an x86 platform
  • Supports 5G. Both NSA and SA config with R15 features
  • FDD and TDD. Supports all global FDD and TDD bands for 4G and 5G
  • 100 MHz. Verifies 5G throughput with wider channel bandwidths
  • Multi-technology. Simulates all UE categories (5G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M and LTE)
  • Channel emulation. Tests link adaptation by varying channel conditions


UE Categories5G, NB-IoT(NB1, NB2), Cat-M1, LTE(0-13)
Simulated UEs/cell5G (up to 256) LTE (up to 1K), Nb-IoT (up to 4K)
Supported cells/system5G (up to 2)
4G (up to 5)
5G Deployment ModesNon-Standalone Mode & Standalone Mode
Supported Frequency BandsFR1 (70 MHz to 6.0 GHz)
Channel Bandwidthsup to 100MHz
Sub Carrier Spacing15, 30, 60 KHz
Antenna ConfigurationSISO, MIMO (2x2, 4x4)
Carrier Aggregation5G - 2CC, LTE - 3CC
HandoverInter/intra-frequency, inter-duplex
Inter-eNB/gNB, intra-eNB/gNB
QAMQPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM and 256 QAM
Channel Emulation & Power ControlAWGN, 3GPP Channel Models
UL Power Control, PHR, TPC
Detailed LoggingAll layers (L1, L2 and L3), SIP
Application trafficVoLTE, VoNR, FTP, PING
Fixed payload UDP traffic, non-IP data
AutomationRESTful APIs