Spirent, a global leader in communications device and network testing, brings their off-the-shelf solutions to the military and aerospace sectors through a strategic relationship with Dualos. This collaboration will leverage Dualos’ deep understanding of applications for aero and defense programs and Spirent’s technologies to lower program costs, and accelerate test cycles.

A commercial communications device and network testing leader for over 25 years, Spirent Communications leverages expertise in testing, assurance, analytics and security to deliver the promise of superior communications.

The scope of realistic testing scenarios is often too broad to account for completely when field-testing devices and networks on the range, leaving systems and personele open to unknown disruption. Spirent directly contributes to the mission success, as well as to the overall health and safety of armed forces, through pre-deployment, in-lab testing and simulation. By testing in a multitude of real world scenarios, often impossible to recreate on the range, Spirent helps bring clarity to increasingly complex technological and business challenges for developers, service providers and enterprise networks throughout the military/aerospace sectors.

Mesh Networks
Ensure constant communications for high priority applications even if individual links fail. Test up to 16 nodes under a variety of independent channels, network configurations and usage scenarios.

Wideband Frequency Hopping
Test spread-spectrum signals for interference and interception vulnerabilities. Vertex provides up to 200MHz bandwidth per channel, with 1GHz+ widths via concatenation, to accommodate a wide array of spread-spectrum signals.

5G Readiness
Convert RF to millimeter wave (mmWave) to test 5G implementation scenarios on base stations or end devices. The Vertex High Frequency Converter (Vertex HFC) upconverts RF signals to the 28GHz frequency range and vice-versa, or can be customized for other frequencies.

A Multitude of Real-World Scenarios
The dynamic emulation environment enables realistic scenario modeling for a variety of complex environments. Ultrasonic Doppler shifts as high as 12kHz and mmWave communications allow for flight to ground, flight to space, and high-speed vehicle test scenarios.