Data – Virtual App

Video – Hardware Device

Voice – Hardware Device


User Experience Evaluation for Video, Data and Voice; assure a quality video, data and voice experience on any device, operating system, or network.

Data – enables mobile application data throughput testing in both the lab and the live network across a common solution to support eMBB requirements and speeds. With Umetrix Data, users can compare and evaluate user experience for any data service over 5G, Wi-Fi or LTE. Test scenarios mimic real-world user activities such as upload, download, browsing, streaming, and latency test cases.

Data KPIs:

  • Bandwidth Testing (Upload and Download)
  • Diagnostics View
  • One-way Latency to the Mobile Edge

Video – assures the quality of experience (QoE) for streaming video and video calling for devices and services.

Video KPIs:

  • Perceptual Evaluation of Video Quality MOS
  • Frame Skips and Freezes
  • Temporal and Spatial Activity

Voice – evaluates voice experience for any device and any voice service including VoNR, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, over-the-top (OTT) and more.

Voice KPIs:

  • Speech Quality MOS (POLQA)
  • Call Completion Success Rate
  • Audio Delay



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