C100-M4 Landslide Hardware Device

E10 Landslide OTA Hardware Device


C100-M4 – provides unprecedented performance resulting from Spirent’s multi-core architecture with new hardware-assisted application, mobility and encryption acceleration.

Nodal testing – wrap around individual network elements

Scales up to: 50,000 gNBs -> and 5,000,000 5G UEs -> and 50,000,000 Diameter UEs

E10 – is a small form factor test platform that supports applications for benchtop, lab and distributed testing of Mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

Scales up to: 64 Wi-Fi Clients -> and 1,000 5G UEs

Virtual – emulates the control and data traffic of mobile subscribers moving through the network while using carrier and OTT services. The solution incorporates a complete suite of Mobile Core, Diameter, IMS and Wi-Fi network nodes and interfaces.

Scales up to: 1,000 UEs (Small) -> and 100,000 UEs (Medium) -> and 400,000 UEs (Large) – and 1,250,000 UEs (X-Large)

Rest APIs for E2E System Integration
gNB/eNB -> Network Core

Rest APIs for Interoperability
Nodal and Adjacent testing

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