Military and Aerospace Business Development

Dualos’ depth of experience in Military and Aerospace programs and procurement creates opportunity for OEMs that are growing in or entering this highly specialized sector.

Positioning products and solutions into the DOD ecosystem can be an exacting process. Dualos’ team of highly qualified business development professionals bring a deep understanding of the unique needs and requirements of the Military and Aerospace sector to our relationships with original equipment manufactures (OEMs). 

OEMs entering or growing in this space choose Dualos as a highly specialized arm of their business development teams. We’re experts at matching OEM products and solutions to Mil/Aero programs.

Dualos understands the requirements for selling into the DOD and related agencies. We’re experienced in managing government flow downs. We increase efficiency while limiting your risk throughout the selling process. 

Specialized Sales Professionals

Our business development and application engineering team each have 20+ years of experience selling in the complex Mil/Aero environment.

Military and Aerospace Program Understanding

Our broad understanding of Military and Aerospace programs allows us to develop targeted and actionable business development initiatives.

Product Application Expertise

Our depth of knowledge in product application gives us an edge when positioning your products and solutions in the DOD ecosystem.

Dualos specializes in leading sales initiatives in the Mil/Aero sector. Our business development team will:

  • Define current technology or selling gaps
  • Create sales and marketing strategies
  • Apply our best-in-class solution selling techniques
  • Identify and explain funding streams
  • Identify government labs and research university funding
  • Target programs and program management offices
  • Develop meaningful relationships with decision makers and influencers
  • Implement a procurement structure and process
  • Oversee statement of works and technical specifications
  • Negotiate terms and conditions
  • Win contracts
  • Ensure you have a seat at the table