Supply Chain Management

At Dualos, our expert management and procurement professionals have developed and executed numerous procurement programs on par with the largest and most recognizable names in the Mil/Aero sector. Need supplier consolidation? Program supplier management? Segment supplier management? Dualos has the expertise. We serve all the following functions and will create a solution tailored to your specific program.

Vendor Consolidation

Dualos’ supplier consolidation management process eliminates the need to manage indirect or non-critical suppliers and covers multiple vendors. We create a single point of contact and payment. This consolidation greatly reduces customer transaction costs by minimizing risk, overhead and order points.

Dualos manages on-time delivery, quality assurance, government flow-downs, end-of-life, product recalls, supplier corrective actions and supplier report cards. Proactive monitoring of trends and concerns in the supply chain allows for transparent communication with customers to minimize potential disruption. Metrics are available anytime and can be delivered in an electronic format.

PO Consolidation

With Dualos, you request one quote and submit a single purchase order with mixed suppliers, all adhering to your terms and conditions and, in most cases, your negotiated price. This alleviates the cost of having to request multiple quotes, and create and send multiple POs. Dualos vastly reduces the overhead needed to manage terms, documentation, order receipts, ship notifications and supplier quality.

Hard and Soft Cost Savings

Dualos’ three primary focuses in supply chain management are extracting cost, minimizing manual touchpoints and ensuring the utmost attention to quality. We share our activity and progress with customers through monthly reports that include purchase history, negotiated cost savings, time reduction and, if provided, soft cost savings based on your estimated transactional cost.

Supplier Scorecard Management

Quality products delivered on time, every time, is the new industry standard. Therefore, the entire supply chain must be managed and evaluated in real-time to identify underperforming suppliers before they add significant cost to the program. Dualos’ real-time KPI tracking monitors each supplier’s performance for potential issues and alerts the supplier and the customer. We also employ specialized order management personnel who track each order from inception to shipment confirmation and receipt.

Electronic Workflow

Based on individual customer processes and infrastructure, Dualos implements electronic tools like cXML and EDI to remove unnecessary touchpoints or costs from the supply chain, limit labor overhead and prevent mistakes.

Kitting, Special Packaging & Labeling

The Dualos operations center is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B certified and able to take on your most demanding or costly materials handling requirements. Conveniently located in Seattle, Washington, the facility is near major international shipping and transportation lanes. Additionally, when necessary, Dualos can set up a secure physical mobile distribution operations center anywhere in North America within 60 days.