Our Leadership Team

Nancy Papineau


Nancy Papineau is a Pacific Northwesterner and a registered tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation Tahlequah, OK. She has a deep understanding of hard work and the importance of instilling values in the next generation. As the President of Dualos, Nancy is driven by a desire to empower her daughters, granddaughters, and her community to thrive and succeed.

With her background as a quality systems specialist, she is adept at creating efficiencies and maintaining integrity through value-driven smart management practices. Grounded in a deep respect for the environment, she is committed to eliminating waste in materials, money, and human energy.

Nancy is a passionate advocate and supporter of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for students. She is fueled by a desire to increase workforce diversity by employing veterans and Native Americans – a strategy that fulfills the primary objective of meeting the company’s growth potential while driving it to become ever more sustainable and ecologically responsible.

In addition to her role at Dualos, Nancy served as President of the AISES Puget Sound Professional Chapter and now acts as its Treasurer. AISES, a national nonprofit organization focused on increasing the representation of Native peoples in STEM studies and careers, finds a dedicated champion in Nancy, who strives to make a meaningful impact in promoting diversity and inclusion in the field.


 |   nancy@dualos.com

Bill Martin


Bill Martin is a highly accomplished industry professional with a wealth of experience in Military and Aerospace business development and supply chain management.

With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Bill has held key leadership roles at renowned organizations such as Viavi AvComm, Aprilia World Service, Aeroflex/IFR Systems, and FLIR Systems. His expertise encompasses sales, business development, and marketing, making him a valuable asset to Dualos.

Bill’s extensive network and strong relationships with major aviation original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), branches of the US Military, leading radio and wireless UE and network OEMs, and service providers have positioned him as a trusted industry influencer.

Furthermore, Bill has cultivated crucial partnerships with major distributors, manufacturer’s representatives, and channel partners in the aviation, software-defined radio, infrastructure test, handset, and hyperscale spaces.


 |   bill.martin@dualos.com

William Schuh


Bill Schuh is an avionics architect and professional sales leader with forty years of experience and technical expertise. 

A long-time leader of sales teams, product development teams, and startups, he began designing his own radios at age eight and developed an enthusiasm for avionics, stores, and control designs as an intern running Walleye bomb simulations for the Navy. Since then Bill has co-owned an F-15 repair company; served on the original Mil-Std-1553 RT Validation Test Plan committee; led a Bioprocess ML and AI process control team; and has authored data bus standards and served as chair or vice chair on numerous professional committees and organizations. 

In his off hours, Bill works as a certified Truest life coach. He lives with his wife and children in Albuquerque, where he is a past president of the Media Arts Collaborative School. He also participates in the local film industry, writing, producing, and occasionally appearing in films and TV shows.


 |   bill.schuh@dualos.com

Claude Sweeton


Claude Sweeton is a U.S. Navy veteran and has been engaged in the aerospace/defense industry for more than forty years. A certified metrologist (the study of measurement), Claude attended the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) school at Lowry Air Force Base and after his honorable discharge went on to work for prominent research labs, federal prime contractors, and test and measurement OEMs.

Claude is well respected for his extensive technical knowledge in the fields of electronics, radio frequency (RF) and microwave technologies, and metrology, and delights in discussing test applications.

When not at work Claude enjoys spending time with his family, including his seventy-five pound goldendoodle, Finley. He contributes time and resources to community charities Loaves & Fishes and Habitat for Humanity.



Hannah Wolfe


Melissa Hill


Kim Rushforth


Rich Lapen


Rich Lapen is a sales and marketing professional with thirty plus years of experience in advanced network communications technologies for all aspects of Government, Provider, Equipment Manufacture and Commercial Enterprise markets. He has an extensive personal and professional network of contacts from C-Level executives to key engineering decision makers.

Rich is well respected for his technical depth, required to articulate the need to all customer and stakeholders. He possesses a detailed knowledge of Mobile, Cloud, Cyber, DoD Tactical, Service Provider, Enterprise, Network Equipment customer environments, architectures, business models, and procurement methods.

Based in the DC Metro area, Rich lives with his wife and three daughters. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the Mid-Atlantic area on motorcycles and photography.



Miles Altman


Miles brings to Dualos a deep experience in avionics, both in and out of the military. As a senior NCO in the US Air Force Reserve he worked on the C-17, learning its communication, navigation and countermeasures systems, as well as the data buses that connect many of its components. He was selected to become a Quality Assurance Inspector for the 315th Maintenance Group at Joint Base Charleston, and now leads and mentors a team of technicians to develop their maintenance skills and readiness to meet Air Force needs.

Miles has also been a civilian employee for the Air Force where he was a subject matter expert on flightline support equipment. He served as senior field engineer on F-16 flight simulators for Lockheed Martin during which time he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in technical management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


 | miles.altman@dualos.com