LCF Open Line Plugs

All plugs ship with Skydrol (BMS3-11) Compatible O-Rings, Viton® Cuff and Four Metal Clamps. Parts in compliance with all SMOT document requirements.

Part NumberTube ODTube IDWall ThicknessTail Stamp
NEO 406F-A-060.3750.3110.032N6
NEO 407F-A-060.3750.3370.019W6
NEO 410F-A-080.5000.4140.043N8
NEO 411F-A-080.5000.4560.022W8
NEO 412F-A-100.6250.5170.054N10
NEO 413F-A-100.6250.5790.023W10
NEO 416F-A-120.7500.6200.065N12
NEO 417F-A-120.7500.6960.027W12
NEO 420F-A-04E0.4570.251NE-04
NEO 421F-A-08E0.7720.503NE-08
NEO 422F-A-10E0.9290.629NE-10
NEO 423F-A-12E1.1100.755NE-12

*Approximate Dimensions [inches]