Abaco, a global leader in avionics manufacturing, brings their technologies to the military and aerospace sectors through a strategic relationship with Dualos. Positioned as subject matter experts within Abaco’s field team, Dualos leverages a broad knowledge of avionics across many disciplines and OEMs to provide expert product application guidance to their most valued customers around the globe.  

Boasting decades of avionics interface experience, Abaco Avionics provides end-to-end support to the top commercial and military aircraft manufacturers. From small SWaP-constrained platforms to military scale applications, Abaco offers a deep product line of avionics interfaces, test platforms, tools and software to support the development of modern military and commercial aircraft.

By leveraging Abaco’s foundational IP and a common API from development through completion, you can adapt the solution to meet your specific application needs and accelerate time to deployment.   

With 30 years of avionics manufacturing expertise, the Abaco product portfolio spans the entire aircraft life cycle – from development, to test and simulation, to embedded computing and deployment – in the lab or on the range for maintenance and troubleshooting.