gNB/eNB Emulator

The SR9860 is the 5G gNB platform that provides the New Radio (NR) capability, which is the foundation to realize all 5G committed functions.

SR9860 can function in two configurations with FR1 (Sub-6GHz) FDD or TDD NR:

• Standalone mode (5G-SA), where the 5G control plane and user plane connect with the core network directly (either a 5G core or 4G ePC)
• Non-standalone mode (5G-NSA), where the radio network control plane from the core network is managed by an LTE eNB with which the 5G gNB connects.

Key Capabilities:

  • 3GPP-compliant NR L1-L3 for protocol design/protocol testing
  • 3GPP-compliant RF waveform for RF design/testing
  • Carrier BW: 5, 10, 15, 20, 60, 80, 100MHz
  • Sub-Carrier Spacing: 15, 30kHz

Rest APIs for E2E System Integration
UE -> RF Channel -> gNB/eNB

Rest APIs for Interoperability
Nodal and Adjacent testing

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