Simnovus partners with Dualos for 5G UE Simulator

TACOMA, WASHINGTONSimnovus, a North Carolina-based  company, has chosen Dualos, LLC as its U.S.-based federal partner for the sale of its UE Simulator product.

Simnovus offers an innovative approach to 5G RAN simulation and validation. The UE Simulator has the capability to validate various application traffic, real life traffic simulations (5G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M and LTE) and interoperability with other nodes. The UE Simulator runs on COTS and SDR, allowing deployment on multiple test beds. The platform supports broad frequency ranges and can support 4×4 MIMO. Scripts are auto-generated and controlled via a powerful and flexible web-based UI. Pricing is subscription-based, allowing for predictable budgeting, and software updates are pushed out across all test beds, leaving no gaps in features. UE Simulator is a turn-on automation-ready prepackaged automation library.

“Simnovus was looking for a partner aligned with our vision of bringing innovative 5G RAN validation solutions to the DOD ecosystem” states Sunil Kalidindi, President of US Sales. “We chose to work with Dualos as they truly understand how to provide comprehensive solutions to their customers by bringing together best-in-class products. The expertise Dualos brings is unique for this sector and we are excited to be working with their great team.”

Dualos Vice President Rob Harris adds that “Simnovus complements the strong 5G test portfolio Dualos offers to its US government customers,” as customers move away from hardware fixed test solutions to highly configurable software testing Simnovus was a natural fit. “Their 5G RAN simulation and emulation is far superior than any other solution on the market today,” Harris says.

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About Simnovus
Based in North Carolina, Simnovus enables innovators to win the 5G race by enabling continuous test and rapid validation. Our software-oriented approach takes advantage of COTS hardware, so our customers can deploy several testbeds in parallel. Our UE Simulator validates 5G and 4G base stations by simulating thousands of UEs performing various realistic control and user plane traffic patterns. Our network emulator simulates a 5G and 4G network. 5G disruptors worldwide have already partnered with us, and we are expanding rapidly.

About Dualos
With decades of experience in business development and product management expertise, Dualos expertly provides go-to-market strategies and business execution for military and aerospace organizations targeting the US Intel Communities and DoD ecosystem. Dualos’ subject matter expertise is in test, emulation, and simulation covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum.