5G New Radio (NR) up to mmWave Frequencies

5G NR into mmWave frequencies – in search for more data bandwidth 5G NR will push into frequency ranges traditionally reserved for satellite and defense applications.

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Spirent and NI 5G NR / mmWave Solution

Spirent and National Instruments (NI) have partnered to create world-class solutions for 5G NR up to mmWave. The combination of Spirent’s software-based algorithms along with NI PXIe hardware enables the user to do so much more than with traditional single box test instrumentation.

5G NR mobile technology faster speed, decreased latency, and increased connectivity.

5G NR will improve DoD communications by providing faster speed, increased data throughput, and better security.

mmWave technology is being researched by the DoD to enable next-generation secure multi-beam communications up to the Ka-Band. Many technical challenges must be addressed, including wideband frequency coverage, precision beam pointing, interoperability, and mesh networking.

Advantages of Spirent & NI 5G / mmWave Solution


  • Spirent soft-based algorithms are used by many Tier-1 Communication providers and Wireless Research Institutes


  • PXIe-5831 Vector Sector Transceiver (VST)
  • World’s first VST with coverage up to 44GHz
  • X-Band, Ku-Band, K-Band, and Ka-Band
  • Calibrated Switching up to 32 Channels enables multichannel beam-forming and phased-array measurements
  • LabVIEW software
  • MATLAB / Simulink software
  • Cognitive Radio applications
  • MIMO applications
  • RF Spectrum Monitoring applications

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