NEO 801F Series

NEO X01 3000 PSI Fittings

Part NumberPort Size 1Thread End [1]Port Size 2Thread End [2]ABD
NEO 801F-P-044, 12JIC-37 Degree40.4375-20 UNJF Class 3A1.88
NEO 801F-P-066, 12JIC-37 Degree60.5625-18 UNJF Class 3A1.88
NEO 801F-P-088, 12JIC-37 Degree80.7500-16 UNJF Class 3A2.00
NEO 801F-P-1010, 12JIC-37 Degree100.8750-14 UNJF Class 3A2.01
NEO 801F-P-1212JIC-37 Degree121.0625-12 UNJ Class 3A2.13
NEO 801F-P-1612JIC-37 Degree161.3125-12 UNJ Class 3A2.20
NEO 801F-P-2012JIC-37 Degree201.6250-12 UNJ Class 3A2.20

*Approximate Dimensions [inches]
** All adapters ship with 12″ Lanyard and ‘REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT’ flag