Record and Playback RF Signals

Record the RF environment for playback and real-world analysis back at the lab.

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NI RAID Arrays

Offered in several sizes and options to provide additional data storage with high-speed reads and writes for PXI streaming to enable applications that require record and playback.


ModelStorageThroughputDrive Type
HDD-82656 TB700 MB/sHDD
HDD-826512 TB700 MB/sHDD
HDD-826524 TB700 MB/sHDD
HDD-826624 TB1.6 GB/sHDD
HDD-82665.7 TB3.6 GB/sSDD

Add a RAID Array together with a VST to Record up to 24 TB of data, for real-world analysis and to build EW Libraries.

That require large amounts of data storage, plus record and playback requirements

NI HDD-8266 Specifications