Communications and Computing Technologies

Solving your computing needs no matter the environment; well-conditioned to the harshest most unfriendly environments, we have it covered.

Computing is the heart of all data and analytical intelligence. Survival of these critical computing systems and related peripherals is an absolute necessity when required to operate in harsh, unfriendly environments such as; extreme high and low temperatures, high altitude, shock and vibration, g-forces, etc. typically found in battlefields, space, mining, industrial, at sea and other similar environments. Dualos’ customers have a wide variety of computing needs and challenges. In certain cases, a single technology is unable to satisfy diverse requirements. Dualos has teamed with the industry’s best engineering and technology manufactures to solve such unique challenges.

  • Mission Ready Systems
  • Network Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Rugged Computing
  • Connected Devices & Wireless