Signal Intelligence

There is a difference between Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT).

  • EW can be considered an ‘offensive strategy’ – where our military jams the transmissions of the enemy, and can be used for Cyber-warfare.
  • SIGINT can be considered a ‘defensive strategy’ – where our military eavsdrops, detects, and anlyzes the transmissions of the enemy.
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PXIe-5668 Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA)

Features a LabVIEW-programmable FPGA that you can customize for advanced measurement applications. PXIe-5668 is ideal for microwave test, wireless test, RADAR test, spectral monitoring, software-defined radio (SDR), radio monitoring, interference detection, signals intelligence, and other applications.

RF Spectrum Monitoring and SIGINT

Advantages of PXIe-5668 VSA

  • Frequency Range 20Hz to 26.5GHz
  • Instantaneous BW 765 MHz
  • DANL -165 dBm
  • Dynamic Range 80 dB
  • LabVIEW-programmable Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA
PXI Vector Signal Analyzers

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Signal Intelligence requires RF instrumentation that provides a wide RF Bandwith (BW), broad Instantaneous BW, improved Displayed Avg Noise Level (DANL), along with Real-time (RT) Signal Analysis with the fastest Probability-of-Intercept (POI) to capture intermittent and low energy interference.

  • Wide RF BW ensures monoriting more of the occupied RF Spectrum
  • Broad Instantaneous BW to analyze more of the RF Spectrum all at once
  • Improved DANL enables capture of low energy interfence near the Noise Floor
  • RT Signal Analysis with fast POI enables ‘gap-less’ acquisition of intermittent signals

Combining the NI PXIe-5668 and PXIe-7976R provides 63,550 DSP Slices for unmatched Signal Processing capability.

  • POI for the PXIe-5668 and PXIe-7976R is 20 μsec to meet ITAR regulations.
    If you require better than this specification please contact NI, which can provide algorithms that improve upon this time to below 1 μsec.
  • Phase Coherent Synchronization capable for MIMO and Radar Prototyping
  • Add NI RAID-Array for Full-bandwidth Streaming with Record & Playback

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NI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) Line

Provides flexible, customizable I/O for LabVIEW FPGA. It includes 132 single-ended I/O lines configurable as 66 differential pairs. Supports peer‑to‑peer streaming, which directly transfers data among multiple FPGA modules or select PXI Express modules without sending data to the host processor.

With this feature, you can add FPGA capabilities to high-performance NI digitizers with NIST‑traceable calibration or expand your FPGA algorithms across multiple FPGAs for computationally demanding applications.

Advantages of PXIe-7976R FlexRIO Module

  • 132 I/O Channels
  • 63,550 DSP slices in a single-solt PXI Module
  • Onboard reprogrammable Kintex-7 410T FPGA to run complex algorithms

Add together with a VSA for Real-time Spectrum Analysis

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Model: PXIe-1086

18-Slot, 38W, Redundant for Hot-swappable
Part Number: 781720-01

Model: PXIe-1095

18-Slot, 82W, Redundant for Hot-swappable
Part Number: 783882-01

Datasheet & Specifications

Model: PXIe-8880

Windows 7
Part Number: 783513-04

Model: PXIe-8880

Windows 10
Part Number: 783513-05

Model: PXIe-8880

LabVIEW Real-time
Part Number: 783513-33

PXIe-7976R FPGA Module for FlexRIO

Model: PXIe-7976R

GNSS Test Toolkit for GPS / for GLONASS

Application Software for Design and Test